How to Hire a Private Investigator or Security Consultant

Many businesses and individual clients in need of a Private Investigator or Security Consultant, fail to recognize the importance of the evaluation process of determining what is best for them and their particular situation. The following are some good suggestions of how to determine if the investigator or investigative firm you’re considering is a good fit for your specific needs.

1.Make sure the firm is licensed, bonded and properly insured. Most states require anyone engaging in the private investigative industry be licensed & bonded in that particular state.

2. Make sure you get a contract or letter of engagement that specifically outlines your reason for retaining the investigator or security consultant as well as all of the expected costs and expenses associated with the assignment or investigation.

3. Experience is a very broad term. Make sure that the investigator(s) you are considering have the specific experience to deal with your particular issue. Ask to meet with or speak to the assigned investigator to verify his or her qualifications. Many of today’s firms outsource their work to investigators they don’t know and have never dealt with. Trust but verify.

4. Do you really need a private investigator? Every week we get calls from potential clients who feel they need to hire a private investigator for a particular issue they’re involved in. Much of the time they are also emotionally involved with the issue to the point where they’ll believe anything you tell them. The fact is that in most instances a brief conversation with the caller will determine the true need for an investigator, which in many cases, there is none. In situations like this, a few suggestions on how to personally handle the issue is all that’s needed. If the investigator or firm you are considering immediately suggests an investigation is necessary and does not take the time to adequately determine your true needs and the associated costs, then they are obviously putting profit before customer service.

5. Shop around! Like anything other purchase, call several different firms and compare cost, experience and qualifications for your specific needs. Private investigations and security consulting can be an expensive undertaking, so do your homework and make sure you hire the most experienced and cost effective firm possible.